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Whether the copyright intellectual property is published under the supervision of the law and whether the author protects the rights of the original work makers, whether the question is published or not. The author’s basic works include literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works like poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software and photography. By law, when some are written, drawn, pictures, etc. Copyright’s copyright is automatically owned by the author. In other words, copyright is available at the moment the work is created.

When the concept of copyright is explicitly cut in literary works like books, it is less clear in the websites and the information contained therein. See also: “Copyright Basic”

A copyright registration with the Bangladesh copyright office is voluntary. Copyright protection exists without registration; However, your Bangladesh court must register your work before filing a copyright infringement. In addition, copyright infringement makes it easy to prove your ownership of the event in violation and you may be able to collect more damage from infringement.

In the past, only those who were thinking about copyright were thinking about writers, artists, musicians, and others related professionals. Today, digital media launches, it’s a different story. Many people who do not call themselves writers or artists, websites related to personal or business, written material, photos or graphics, which are useful for original work and copyright registration. Website code and design elements can be copyrighted by their owners.

Website publishers often make a copy of someone else’s work and do not stop them from doing so by those who are victims of copyright infringement or unknown people. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to completely stop the violation, but marking the “All Rights Reserved” or using your copyright symbol on your website may be enough as a deterrent to preventing many potential offenders from stealing your work. You can not display the copyright symbol or language copyright claim even if you do not choose to register your work

Copyright infringement is always illegal, but it can be difficult to sue criminals without a copyright registration, which establishes a public record of ownership. In addition, registered workers may be eligible for statutory damages and attorney fees in successful suits against statutes.

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