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DSS Previous Question Solution [DSS Question Bank PDF Download]

DSS Previous Year Exam Question Solution [DSS Question Bank PDF]

DSS Previous Question Solution > DSS Question Bank PDF Download from here. It is important to look at the previous questions and solutions before the exam in the same way that it is beneficial to look after the exam. Because before the exam we need to look at the previous year’s exam questions to get a good idea about that exam.

In this way, before the test, the questions are known, what kind of questions are there, what is the mark? From what subject does the question come? To know and get all such information in a beautiful way, you must see the previous questions and solutions. So in this episode I will share with you the previous questions of the recently held Department of Social Services and its solutions.

DSS Previous Question Solution

Many candidates have asked us the questions of the previous examination before participating in the recruitment examination for the post of Union Social Worker of the Department of Social Services. For whom we will present the questions and solutions of all the examinations of the last year of the Department of Social Services in that post. We know that the recruitment test for the Department of Social Services (DSS) has been held since 2006.

But the era was not so modern then, so the test questions could not be collected. And there is no benefit in looking at the questions of those exams, because since 2011 there have been many changes in the questions of recruitment exams. So in that post we will answer all the questions and answers of DSS held from 2011 to 2020 (ie DSS last exam).

DSS Question Bank PDF Download

Here you will get DSS Question Bank at a glance, i.e. the previous exam questions of the Department of Social Services. This will allow you to prepare better before the DSS job recruitment exam. So that the chances of doing well in DSS recruitment test will increase.

So for the candidates who are going to take part in the recruitment test of the Department of Social Services (DSS), the DSS question bank is given in PDF file. You can easily download this Question Bank PDF and view it in picture form.

Department of Social Services Exam Question Pattern & Mark Distribution

It is very important to know the question pattern and mark distribution of the test you are going to take. This will give you a sense of accomplishment. Let’s look at the previous question in this section of DSS to know about question pattern and mark distribution. We know that MCQ examination is conducted in the first stage of 3rd and 4th class recruitment examination of DSS.

That test is held between a total of 60 to 70 marks. Questions are formulated from a total of 4 topics such as; Bengali, English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. Analyzing the previous questions of DSS, it is further seen that these tests do not have negative marks.

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How to prepare for DSS exam?

To do well in any exam, it is very important to prepare well before that exam. Because it is impossible to do well in exams without good preparation. So if you want to do well in the recruitment test of the Department of Social Services (DSS). Look at the previous questions and solutions given above, so that you get a good idea.

You will see the syllabus prepared for the government service recruitment examination which has been effective since 2015. Also read good quality Jobs Solutions on Bengali, English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. And yes follow the daily newspapers to know all the latest information.

Last word:

Through this post we have thoroughly analyzed the previous questions of DSS recruitment exam and how you can prepare for well. We hope you enjoy the DSS exam. We are finishing here today in anticipation of good exam and results from everyone, thanks for visiting our site.

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