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HSC Chemistry 2nd Paper MCQ Question Solution 2023 Rosayon Biggan

HSC Chemistry 2nd Paper Question Solution 2023 Rosayon Biggan PDF

HSC Chemistry 2nd Paper MCQ Question Solution 2023 for All Education Board. At the end of HSC Chemistry 2nd Paper Exam, we appeared with the solution along with his question. Which will help the students taking the test to find the right solution. HSC Chemistry 2nd paper subject examination has been held today 7th September, 2023. The one-and-a-half-hour test ends at 10 a.m. and ends at 1:00 p.m. Keep an eye on the HC Chemistry 2nd paper subject MCQ below and get the creative part solution.

HSC Chemistry 2nd Paper Question Solution 2023

Science Group, Group Based Essential Chemistry 2nd Paper, whose 1st Paper Examinations have already been held. Chemistry 2nd paper MCQ part question solution also, we gave at the end of the exam. Now it is the turn of the 2nd paper to solve the issue. First of all we will know about the question method of HSC Chemistry 2nd paper examination. HSC Chemistry 2nd paper examination was held in the middle of total 37 marks. The first one has 12 marks in MCQ part, 20 marks in written (creative) part and the remaining 5 marks in practical. Although the questions are for the 3 parts, the students only want the solution for the MCQ part of the 2nd part of Chemistry. But in this article we are trying to give a complete solution to all the 3 parts.

HSC Chemistry 2nd Paper MCQ Question Solution 2023

HSC Chemistry 2nd Paper Science Group is a very interesting subject. The subject has a total of 20 chapters and 38 paragraphs. However, questions have not been formulated from all the chapters in the HSC Chemistry 2nd paper of 2021. Because everyone knows, like other times, this time it was not possible to conduct HSC exams at the right time.

Due to the epidemic corona virus, this time the test is being held after 7 months in the light of the short syllabus. As a result, MCQ part questions were formulated from only 6 chapters of Chemistry 2nd paper. And out of 30 MCQ questions, students have to answer only 12. So if we solve 12 MQQ questions from the beginning, maybe not all the students will get the solution as expected. With this in mind, we have solved 30 completed MCQ questions of HSC Chemistry 2nd Paper.

HSC 2023 Chemistry 2nd Paper MCQ Question Answer

When you are an HSC examinee, you have to answer the MCQ part of the question in a very cold head. Because MCQ is a question method where the technical knowledge of the student is verified. We know that there are 4 options in the MCQ part of the question, but the answer will be 1.

dhaka chemistry 2nd - 1

But a lot of times we think, multiple options will be the answer, that’s how we sit wrong. In the same way, when we look at the answer to the HSC Chemistry 2nd Paper MCQ question at the end of the exam, we have to look at the solution by looking at the question. Because, as a student, you have to judge how accurate those solutions are.

dhaka chemistry 2nd - 2

Board Wise HSC Chemistry 2nd Part Question Answer PDF Download

We know that there are a total of 11 education boards in Bangladesh, including 9 general education boards. Each of the questions on each of these boards is different, meaning that there is no similarity between the questions of one board and those of another. Again the same board has a total of 4 sets of the same question such as; A, b, c and d. Since students of all boards are looking for solutions, we have provided Chemistry 2nd paper question solution of all boards including Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Comilla, Dinajpur, Barisal. Not only board but also the above 4 sets have been answered.

dj - 1

dj - 2

HSC Chemistry 1st Paper MCQ Question Solution 2023

Final words:

The solutions we have compiled from the Chemistry 2nd paper prepared by NCTB. In order to avoid mistakes, it is not uncommon for mistakes to be made. So if anyone knows anything about ‘HSC Chemistry 2nd Paper MCQ Question Solution 2023‘ or if you want to let us know, you can comment.

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