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NTRCA Update News 2024 has published at there official website at Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, today we will share with you the latest news of NTRCA. Which has just been published. NTRCA’s new news 2024 is the re-publication of the much desired NTRCA mass notification 2022. The newly registered will be employed in private educational institutions. Public notice of 3rd private teacher recruitment has been published on 30th March, 2023. Please read this post carefully to know more details.

NTRCA Update News 2024

The NTRCA authorities said that there is no obstacle in the process of recruitment of teachers for 54,000 posts by ntrca. The stay order of the court given a few days ago through the verdict of the court given on the 30th is no longer effective. Now NTRCA will be able to manage its recruitment activities properly. However, some issues have been mentioned in the court’s verdict. It has been recommended that about two thousand five hundred contenders for contempt of court be appointed to the respective posts within 4 weeks. Two and a half thousand of these complainants are 1st to 12th registration certificate holders. Earlier, the High Court had stayed the 3rd public notice for the appointment of private teachers run by the NTRCA as the court had filed contempt writs against the 2,500 candidates.

NTRCA Latest Notice Board 2024

Due to the Corona epidemic, all the activities of NTRCA like other activities across the country were stopped. As a result, no new activities of NTRCA have been observed for a long time. But the hope is that the organization’s activities have resumed. Recently, the results of the 18th Teacher Registration Examination 2021 have been published. Meanwhile, the recruitment of new teachers is underway which started a long time ago. The list of vacant posts of teachers of all MPO schools, colleges and madrasas across the country has already been collected.

NTRCA Public Notice 2024

It is known that there are about 60,000 vacant posts of teachers in the country. However, due to the complexity of the case, NTRCA has not been able to issue a public notice for these posts. However, the NTRCA has appealed for directions to appoint teachers in the relevant departments of the Supreme Court. NTRCA Public Notice 2024 will be published as soon as it receives instructions from the court.

Meanwhile, the NTRCA chairman has been reshuffled. The government has appointed Md. Ashraf Uddin as the chairman of NTRCA. At present, the official website of NTRCA has the name and picture of Md. Ashraf Uddin as the Chairman. It is yet to be said whether the appointment will be applicable to 1st to 15th registrants or 1st to 16th registrants. Although the results of the written test for the 16th Teacher Registration Candidates have been released, Viva is still running.

NTRCA New Notice

Now let’s examine the recruitment process completed in the light of the published verdict. Towards the end of the verdict. It is very important that the certification process of NTRCA has started a few days back since 2005 and so far 13 batches have been tested. There must be a solid updated database so that the latest merit list by subject exists and it must be published on the NTRCA website!
Our Explanation:

It has been clearly stated here who will be the merit list. Subject wise merit list will be made with all the registrants who have passed from the 1st registration till 2005 (in which the names of the petitioners will also be included but of course based on the number obtained by them). NTRCA will update this merit list every year. And in reality the NTRCA is working that way.

It was unclear to many how to be recruited from this merit list. Some people think that the NTRCA will directly recruit from the merit list to the private educational institution of their choice? How to hire someone in an organization? Basically, the answer is in the very last part of the verdict.

NTRCA new rules:

Recruitment advertisement should be published every time, on the basis of preparation of demand letter of the educational institution. The list of vacancies should be open to the candidates and the candidate should apply to the institution of his choice. They have to be selected from the latest updated national merit list every year.
How to be recruited in NTRCA under new rules

Do you understand what that means? Having a name on the merit list is one thing and being hired is another thing. The merit list has the names of all those who have passed from 1st to present 14th. No one’s name was left out. However, the names in this merit list are in the order of the marks obtained in the registration examination. Every year when the list is updated, someone’s name will go up and someone’s name will go down. Your position on the list will continue to change every year until you get the job! This list will be published on the website, open! There is no chance of discrimination against non-retirees!

This is the merit list! Now let’s talk about recruitment! After reading the 2nd translation, you understand that the notification for recruitment will be given in the context of vacancies. You have to apply to the institutions of your choice. Then the applicants from each institution will be recruited on the basis of the number obtained according to the national merit list! There is only one difference from the 1st appointment in the new rules and that is the district, upazila quota has been abolished!

How to recruit NTRCA National Merit List

From this it is understood that having name in merit list does not mean getting appointment. Because in the merit list, the names of all the registrants who have passed the last examination from 1st will be in the order of the number obtained. You have to apply to the educational institution of your choice for recruitment. The candidate who gets the highest marks from among the applicants in the concerned institution will be appointed as per the integrated national merit list.

Note that the court asked NTRCA to publish the merit list within 90 days of receiving the copy of the judgment. This does not mean that the recruitment process has to be completed within 90 days. The recruitment process is a different matter as mentioned earlier. NTRCA publishes a comprehensive national merit list within the mentioned 90 days.

DPE Primary Assistant Teacher District, Upazila Wise Vacancy list

Some information about NTRCA merit list:

Another feature of the merit list discussed is that being ahead of the numbers in this list is not the only means of securing a job. If you apply for a job with a higher score than you, your job will be guaranteed. Again, if you are the highest numbered applicant in that organization, your job will be guaranteed! Simply put, your appointment will depend not only on your position on the national merit list but also on the difference in your number with other candidates applying to the institutions you are applying to. That means you don’t have to compete with all the registrars across Bangladesh.

You will have to compete with other candidates who have applied in all the institutions where you will apply. For example, suppose you get the number 55. Four more people have applied to the institution where you have applied, whose numbers are 49, 50, 52, 54 respectively. In that case you will be recruited after getting 55 marks in that organization. Again the second person got the number 75. But the number 7 is one of the applicants in the institution where he has applied. In that case the second person will not get the job even if he gets 75 marks.

Final words:

There are also several more Ntrca latest news. Probably the new public notice will be published in April 2020. NTRCA is working to recruit teachers quickly. It is also known that there are currently 60,000 vacancies. E-registration of heads of educational institutions is over. After the completion of e-registration, the work of e-requisition for the vacant post has also been completed.

According to the decision of the government, NTRCA appoints teachers in private educational institutions on the basis of national merit list. All the registrants are hoping that all the activities of NTRCA will be positive for the registrants.

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